If you’re a cultivator, dispensary, or other cannabis-related business, you should check out the best dispensary supplies for marketing.

Dispensary Supplies are all materials and containers used to package, sell and process marijuana. The supplies help you to store, sell and use marijuana adequately.

Also, these Dispensary Supplies come in different forms for different types of products and different uses.

There is a special packaging material for edibles, a different one for oils. There are also specialized custom packagings for various brands of dispensaries. These containers are open for customization with your logo or designs for marketing purposes.

So what are the best dispensary supplies for marketing? The following packaging containers can be customized for marketing.

  • Mylar Smell Proof Bags

Mylar smell proof bags are one of the most popular forms of Dispensary Supplies out there for cannabis. Mylar bags have gained popularity because it keeps their contents fresh - an advantage over plastic. Keeping food or edibles fresh is the prime reason for its usage in dispensaries. Apart from being smell proof, it keeps the cannabis fresh.

Dispensaries use Mylar smell proof bags that meet the FDA and state's requirements. There are options for using Mylar bags. You can go for the transparent and plain black, or you can customize yours.

  • Pop Top Bottles

Pop-top bottles are trendy for storing marijuana because of its child-proof factor. Thoroughly tested and proven to be true, children would find it near impossible to open these bottles. It also doubles up as easy to use because while kids find it difficult to open, it is ridiculously easy to open. It also grants the owner easy access to marijuana.

These pop top bottles are also open to customization. Your company logo could be on the body or the cover of the bottle.

  • Reversible Cap Vials

Reverse cap vials are perfect for storing cannabis, especially in states that have legalized its use. These containers have caps that can be flipped and used for easy access, hence their nickname, flip top bottle.

This container is air resistant, water resistant and childproof. Flip top bottles come in different sizes, colors and can be customized to bear your label.

  • Concentrate Containers

Concentrate containers are containers used to store oil or wax substances used to package marijuana. They are called dab containers and are made with glass or silicone. Concentrate containers come in different sizes and shapes.

  • Marijuana Labels

Marijuana labels are one of the most important aspects of the packaging. States that legalize marijuana have different guidelines and rules for the labels. The size of the text, the text itself and images used all have to follow the state's guidelines. You can still customize your labels, but you must follow the guidelines for the state to avoid sanctioning.

A customized logo makes your dispensary stand out. The dispensary supplies above are easily customized for marketing purposes. You can do this by putting your logo or design on the container.

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