Best Ways to Package Concentrates: How-to Guide

You have a variety of alternatives for storing cannabis concentrates like crumble or wax, ranging from plastic to glass concentration jars, containers, boxes, and even bags. Choosing the correct containers for new cannabis concentrate businesses and medical cannabis users can be difficult.

Especially all of the solutions have significant benefits and drawbacks. Don't worry; we have cannabis and container specialists on staff to assist you in making good choices for your cannabis concentrates.

Container Concentrate Packaging:

Concentrates, including marijuana flowers, require particular packaging to keep them relevant for sales and keeping. Medical marijuana requires the same level of protection. Concentrate packaging, if made of plastic or metal, must maintain the substance clean, strong, and safe.

1.   Jars Made of Plastic:

Concentrate Jars work well in small plastic jars, even if they're designed to store items that need to retain all of their chemical properties. As they're transparent, you can see the color of the shards as well, making them ideal for sales and storing. Plastic jars, on the other hand, have some drawbacks.

 Since plastic is porosity, if highly concentrated items are left in it for an extended period of time, a few of the chemicals may leak out of the item and remain in the fabric. Sticky concentrate may physically attach to the jar, which is inconvenient.

2.   Jars Made of Glass:

Throughout history, glass has been used to hold medications, infusions, extracts, waxes, and lotions. And it's not without reason. The chemicals will not seep into the packing since glass is inherently non-porous. Tempered glass also provides for excellent exhibition packaging since it allows you to view the shatter's different colors.

3.   Mylar Bags

Extremely sticky cannabis concentrates can be packaged in bags that are not your immediate assumption. If you wish to put your cannabis burst in the bag, plastic bags are also an option. Mylar is a wonderful packing material since it comes in a variety of colors and textures include transparent.

Bags with a Mylar or aluminum back and a transparent Mylar front are also available from cannabis packaging companies. They allow you to see the item as clearly as you would with a glass of Concentrate Jars.

4.   Liners for Containers:

Because of the drawbacks of plastic jars, packaging professionals have created medicinal silicone inserts for cosmetics jars that will preserve the chemicals in the product while still allowing you to get all of your cannabis extracts out of the containers.

Because these silicones linear are manufactured to match specific jar sizes, you’ll also need a plastic concentration jar. Other liner alternatives include canvas or greaseproof paper, which can be used for dry shatter by Concentrates Envelop the item in the paper during packaging.

Why Should You Use Glass Concentrate Containers? 

Glass is the greatest option among all of the cannabis concentrate container alternatives since it is timeless. Yes, exporting glass requires caution, but it is the safest and most effective way of keeping your cannabis good safe and powerful. Glass concentration containers packagings provided by BRANDMYDISPO are clear. They allow you to view your shards or wax. They are non-porous, protecting cannabis concentrates from toxic exposure, and have a very classy appearance. 

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