10 Best Ways to Package Shatter | Comprehensive Guide

Do you know that making a great shatter packaging is a partial battle that every grower goes through? However, packaging the shatter is also essential. We all like to believe that good shatter smells good and speaks for itself. In today's market, to stand out in the first row, you need to make a demanding and compelling packaging of these shatters.

Further, we will discuss what are the 10 best ways to secure and package vape cartridges and shatters.

1.   1 Gram Glass SD Shatter Container:

The 1-gram glass SD Shatter containers are the most popular option found today. It is in the form of a durable glass jar that has a black lid. Also, the lid of these containers can easily be branded with the company sticker.

2.   Shatter Envelope with Parchment Paper:

As compared to the glass concentrate jars, these shatter envelopes look great as well as can be customized in every form. Some Dab heads say that nothing can beat the worth of old coin envelopes that are used as concentrate envelopes for perfect packaging.

3.   Plastic Shatter Packaging: 

If you are running a manufacturing company that makes shatter in bulk form, then nothing is more superior than having a plastic concentrate jar with a child resistant lid. It is one of the friendly and valuable packages. The type of slim packaging can handle a smaller amount of shatter easily.

4.   Shatter Box: 

If long-lasting packaging is your need, then nothing is more valuable than having a concentrate box. The slim containers and boxes are perfect for showing your products to all buyers. The type of packaging allows the customers of dispensaries to get a closer look at the shatter before purchasing the product.

5.   Shatter Envelopes:

The most widely recognized method to store these shatters in raw form is in shatter envelopes. Head to any MMJ dispensary, and odds are they'll likewise be utilizing these smooth and helpful sorts of Qube jars to sell shatter packs.

6.   Distillate Syringe:

The glass syringe shatter holder is a thin glass compartment that is utilized a great deal for wax and sauce. As compared to the concentrate jars, the packaging choice turns out extraordinary for distillate as you can undoubtedly store it in a luxurious way.

7.   Black Qube Glass Jar: 

A ton of the top concentrate organizations are picking the 5ml dark glass container. The container is altogether dark and looks extremely good quality and tough. The sparkling dark glass is being picked in light of the fact that it doesn't permit a lot of light or UB beams so that your terps stay healthy and fresh. 

8.   Silicone Containers:

Silicone concentrate jars are a sort of opaque container or a form of transparent container which are suitable for shatter retailers. You can find several variations and options in these packaging containers.

9.   Glass Concentrate Jar: 

The glass concentrate jar containers with a dark cover is taking off as quite possibly the most favored option. Your clients will truly see the value in this alternative as they will easily to able to dab their wax.

10.   Shatter Mylar Bags:

Mylar bags for shatter are another option in contrast to your jars. The fact is that shatter mylar bags are an extraordinary choice for growers and dispensaries who are looking for a more low cost way to distribute shatter or wax to their clientele.

Final Verdict: With its high THC content, shatter offers clients an incredible high with powerful impacts. A little can go far with shatters, passing on clients with the need to store it until their next use. As mentioned above, appropriately packing shatter guarantees the item doesn't debase after some time, losing its brand name intensity and color. Besides, every company should acquire perfect packaging to show off their brand while also preserve its freshness.

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