Custom Mylar Bags


Mylar Bags

Storing weed in an airtight container typical for all smokers. Mylar bags are a commonly used technique for storage in the cannabis market. Mylar bags are often used for storing weed because of their ability to keep out light, moisture, and air. When keeping these factors away from your marijuana flower, you can ensure the quality of your buds, prolong shelf life and prevent you marijuana from drying out and getting stale fast. Mylar ziplock bags provide an oxygen barrier that prevents any oxygen from reaching the product.

Polyethylene terephthalate (PET), the principal ingredient in Mylar, was invented by DuPont in the 1950s. Mylar bags have been used in the food storage industry for decades now. They are quickly becoming a standard in cannabis packaging because of airtight and smell proof capabilities they hold. These bags are great for food storage, coffee, gummies, edibles, cookies, marijuana, and more.

Dispensary Bags

Smell proof mylar bags for dispensaries are one of the most commonly used dispensary packaging products in the industry. This is because dispensary bags are extremely affordable and cost effective when storing almost any amount of flower from small amounts like 1 gram to large amounts like one pound of cannabis. Smell proof bags offer a discreet option for your marijuana packaging.


Dispensary exit bags are usually compliant with child resistant cannabis packaging laws and regulations set by your specific state. The child proof zipper is resealable and provides a children safe way for customers to exit your dispensary. Exit bags are sometimes branded with your dispensary logo and are an excellent way to market your brand. Our exit bags come in a standard large 12x9 inch and a standard medium 8x6 inch size.

Custom Mylar Bags

Adding your brand or logo to mylar bags will surely offer a luxury feeling for your brand while ensuring the bud stay fresh for your customer. Our custom printed mylar bags come with premium design services included. Add gold metallic foil, a window, holographic, UV spot printing or other speciality prints. Choose from a matte or gloss finishing touch. Let our team of professional help you build your brand with smell proof custom weed baggies. We also offer custom biodegradable bags.

Our custom printed mylar bag packaging process is made very simple and user friendly. Our main goal was to make the custom mylar bag process an entire ease from point A to point B. With the help of our designers, you can start creating any custom bags you'd like.

1 Gram Bags

Our 1G bags are 3x4 inches. These bags hold 1 to 2 gram of cannabis flower. These cute small weed baggies are perfect for any dispensary or grower selling their flower in small amounts. They are smell, water and moisture poof. One gram is the perfect amount for smokers who do not smoke often. These gram barrier bags are affordable and also available with a child resistant zipper.

3.5 Gram Bags

Our 3.5G bags are 3x5 inches with a 2 inch bottom gusset. These bags hold 3.5 grams or 1/8 oz of cannabis flower. This size is most popular for dispensary bags for cannabis packaging. These cannabis bags are a perfect for an eighth container whether you are a dispensary or a stoner. These smell proof bags are also available with a child proof zipper.

7 Gram Bags

Our 7G bags are 4x6 inches with a 2 inch bottom gusset. These bags hold 7 grams or 1/4 oz of cannabis flower. Quarter bags are also one of the most popular sizes in mylar bag packaging for cannabis. These bags are truly the perfect size for a qtr ounce of marijuana.  These barrier bags are also available with a child resistant zipper.

14 Gram Bags

Our 14G bags are 5x8 inches with a 3 inch bottom gusset. These bags hold 14 grams or 1/2 oz of cannabis flower. These are fit a half ounce of cannabis flower perfectly. Half oz bags are perfect for dispensaries looking to sell in higher quantities. 

Our half ounce bags are low-priced with great discounts on bulk. These cannabis bags have unbeatable pricing and also have a child proof zipper option available.

28 Gram Bags

Our 28G bags are 6x9 inches with a 3 inch bottom gusset. These bags hold 28 grams or 1 oz of cannabis flower. These ounce bags are perfect for any dispensary looking to sell weed in bulk. These bags store 1 oz of cannabis comfortably. A smell proof ziplock bag is a great asset to opening and re-closing an oz. Our ounce bags are cost effective for even small businesses. These weed bags are also available with a child resistant zipper.

Half Pound Bags

Our half pound bags are 10x12 inches with a 4 inch bottom gusset. These bags hold up to 227 grams or a 1/2 pound of weed. 1/2 lb smell proof barrier bags are great for storing or transporting you cannabis in bulk. 

These 1/2 pound bags the perfect way to store a half pound of cannabis flower if you are also wanting it to stay fresh.

Pound Bags

Our pound bags are 14x16 inches with a 5 inch bottom gusset. These bags hold up to 545 grams or 1 lb of marijuana flower. These are perfect for wholesaling your flower as well. Pound bags are must haves for growers. When transporting your cannabis, it is best to use a smell proof barrier bag instead of plastic bag.

Vape Cartridge Bags

Our vape cartridge bags are 2.2x4.5 inches. They perfectly fit a 0.5 and 1 gram cartridge. This vape cart packaging is extremely affordable. Cartridge bags are the perfect choice for marijuana distillate oil packaging because they are smell proof and leak proof. Leave behind the worries of your vape cartridges leaking in your boxes.

Preroll Bags

Our preroll joint bags are 2.5x6 inches. These preroll joint bags fit 1 to 2 joint perfectly. This marijuana packaging is an extremely cost effective way to package your prerolled joints. Barrier bags also ensure the quality and freshness of your cannabis product and will assure the best smoke for the user.

Custom Biodegradable Bags

Our biodegradable bags offer a sustainable alternative to your mylar bags. These come in a number of sizes and we can also make your own custom size. Go green and choose eco-friendly marijuana packaging when ordering your next set of smell proof barrier bags. These sustainable bags are also offered with a child proof zipper. 

Seed Bags

Our seed bags are 3x4 inches. They are perfect for any cannabis or hemp retail seed sellers. Seeds are a huge product in the cannabis industry. These mini seed bag packets are the perfect solution for a small batch of seeds and are a low-cost option for seed packaging. The bags are also offered with child resistant zippers. 

Shatter / Wax Bags

Our shatter bags are perfect for 0.5 to 1 gram of wax. The bags are 3x4 inches. These small dab packaging bags are great for storing your cannabis concentrate oil if you are a dispensary, grower or just using for personal. These medical marijuana concentrate bags are smell proof, airtight, and leak proof. They are also offered with a child resistant zipper.

Smell Proof Bags

Barrier bags are smell proof, this is why they play an important role in weed packaging. Smell proof packaging is discreet for the user and the transporter. Weed needs to be stored in an airtight container to maintain its freshness. These smell proof bags prevent the bud from drying out, this is only one of the many benefits of mylar bag packaging. Smell proof bags are airtight so they trap in odor.

Mylar Bags Bulk

Buying mylar bags in bulk is highly affordable. Mylar Bags are actually one of the cheapest way to package your weed flower. Wholesale mylar bags are great for growers, dispensaries, or any business looking for budget-friendly packaging bags. If you are looking for the best place to buy bulk mylar bags, you have found the right place.

Packaging Bags

As mentioned above, mylar bag packaging is an extremely common way for retailers to package food. But food storage isn’t the only this mylar bags are great for, mylar bags can be used to package almost anything. These foil lined packaging bags are effective for packaging cannabis, coffee, flour, rice and much more. 

Weed Container

Mylar bags are often used as weed storage container. Mylar Bags are truly the perfect weed container because they are light, air, smell, and moisture proof. Storing your cannabis in containers in between sessions is important for weed smokers. Smokers loves receiving their weed in a weed mylar bag container with a reclosable zipper. 

Mylar Bags Edibles

Edible packaging is another industry relying on mylar bags. Gummies, cookies, rice crispy treats, and so much more cannabis effectively be packaged in mylar bags. Our 4x6 inch mylar bag is most commonly used for gummies while our 6x9 inch mylar bag size is commonly used for bigger edibles like cookies. We also offer a chip style bag for your edibles, which is top choice.

Direct Print Mylar Bags

The custom mylar bags we create for you are either designed by you or designed by one of our industry leading designers. We offer a variety of barrier bag materials. Here are a few popular ones. Cookie Dispensary most commonly uses this matte for producing Cookies mylar bags with a smooth, soft touch. High quality gloss laminate finishes are also often used by brands. Material such as gold foil, metallic, and holographic must be requested. Please go to our request a quote page in order to request additional materials with your custom packaging. We are among the fastest mylar bag manufacturers since we print custom printed mylar bags in just 12-14 days. We not only have fast production times, we also have fast shipping times. Contact a member of our team by email at or call (469) 272-6363, if you require a different size then listed. We also have a live chat available in the cornerr that can be used during standard business hours.

Mylar Bags With Labels

Branding your business, brand, or organization with custom labels is a quick and easy way to promote your business. With these beautifully crafted, full color labels, you can elevate your products to new heights. Easy to use, customized labels that are printed and applied in any shape or size with a premium satin finish on a matte matte material. The sticker label can also be produced with beautiful gloss laminate. Strain labels for mylar barrier bags that are pre-made and customizable in these sizes: 3.5g, 7g, 14g, and 28g. Our mylar bags come in these sizes, as do most similar bags made by other marijuana and CBD companies.

Mylar Bag Design

If you need a mylar bag design made don't worry, someone from our design team will be touch with you the same day during business hours. Typically, within 24-48 hours, our team will help you design a beautiful logo and/or design for your packaging that is according to your personalized requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Mylar Bags

What are Mylar Bags for?

Mylar Bags are a great choice for food storage and cannabis storage but can also be used to package a number of different products. Our ziplock mylar bags are extremely durable and strong. Mylar bags can be smell proof. Airtight bags are great for any product with a potent smell like coffee or cannabis.

What is a Mylar Bag Made out of?

Mylar material also known as BoPET (Biaxially-oriented polyethylene terephthalate) consists of a polyester film made from a stretched polyethylene terephthalate (PET). Some of mylar bags are metalized. This material is BOPET coated with a thin layer of aluminum metal foil.

Can I Make my own Mylar Bags?

Making your own mylar bags with your company’s brand or logo is extremely easy. Our custom printed mylar bags are strong and long-lasting. Our team of professionals is ready to assist you in custom print your own mylar bags, design services are included completely free.

Can I Print on Mylar Bags?

You can directly print you own personalized or custom artwork onto your very own mylar bags. Our team makes this effortless. Our direct printed mylar bags are premium quality and durable. Our professional design will design your custom direct print mylar bags, free of charge or we can provide a template for you to add your custom artwork.

What is the Thickest Mylar Bags?

The thickest Mylar Bags are 7.6 mil. These are guaranteed some of the thickest mylar bags you will find on the marker. Some people would say the thicker the better. This is the thickest option we have for custom printing your mylar bags. These strong, durable bags are puncture resistant , odor, light, and moisture proof. These quality bags won’t let you down.

How do I Seal Mylar?

Sealing mylar bags is a simple task. You will need a heat sealer or a tool that will heat the bag enough to seal it. Make sure you leave a smell gap near the top. Put the bag between the sealer and seal it closed. Heat sealers are a very affordable product to assure your bags gets sealed correctly. It is also effective to add oxygen absorbers if you plan on packing your food or cannabis long-term.

How do you Make Edible Bags?

Making edible bags with your custom warning labels isn’t as hard as you think. Our team makes it a breeze. Adding your custom print cannabis warning labels to your edible packaging is great for reducing the number of labels you need to add to your bags. Our custom edible mylar bag packaging is an excellent branding option. 

Are Edible Bags Smell Proof?

Some edible bags are smell proof, others are not. Our edible mylar bags are smell proof, light, moisture and air proof. They trap in any odors are the best choice when choosing edible packaging. When choosing smell proof bags, ensure you find a quality source first. 

Are Mylar Ziplock Bags Good?

Mylar bags are great for long and short term food storage, along with weed storage as well. Mylar bags can be heat sealed, this adds an additional layer of protection. The resealable ziplock is perfect for opening and closing your airtight container. These barrier bags make an amazing smell proof container.

Do Smell Proof Bag Actually Work?

Smell proof mylar bags actually work relatively well for keeping in potent odors. This is why they are widely used in the packaging industry for a number of products. Mylar bags are a great option when choosing a smell proof container. Our smell proof weed bags are top of the line quality.

What is a Smell Proof Bag?

Smell proof bags are commonly used for cannabis and food storage. A smell proof bag is usually air tight, locking any odors into the bags. Smell proof bags are a great packaging option when choosing a smell proof weed container, which everyone needs to maintain the freshness of their buds.

What Bag is Smell Proof?

Any bag can be smell proof if it meets the requirements. Our mylar bags are smell proof, air, moisture, water and light proof. They are made with high quality materials that is made to last long. Smell proof bags are effective for blocking any strong odors your product may give off. 

How long do Smell Proof Bags Last?

Smell proof bags can last a lifetime depending on what you are storing it in. Food storage in mylar smell proof can last 25-30+ years. Weed or cannabis flower typically remains most fresh sealed in mylar bags for half a year to a year, if the bags correctly sealed. Heat sealing the bags is a must for the maximum shelf life.

Why Would you need a Smell Proof Bag?

Smell proof bags are highly effective when storing cannabis, coffee or any other product that leaves off strong aromas. Smell proof bags lock these smells in the bag making them a great selection for cannabis storage or any other product with an overpowering smell. Smell is a big part of taste, so ensuring the smell stays assures the product doesn't lose taste

Can Dogs Smell Through Odor Proof Bags?

If your odor proof bag is airtight a k9 drug not should not be able to smell it. Odor proof bags are air tight making the dogs unable to smell through it. If any cannabis residue is on the outside of the bag there is a chance the dogs could smell it.  Wiping down your bags eliminates the chance of this happening.

What is a Dispensary Bag?

Dispensary bags are smell proof bags used for storing cannabis. These cannabis friendly bags are perfect for growers, dispensaries, retailers, or personal use. Our bags are some of the best in the market. These discreet bags are airtight locking in moisture and odor, keeping your bug shelf for a longer shelf life. 

Are Ziploc Bags Smell Proof?

Some Ziploc bags are smell proof while others are not. Our ziplock mylar bags are smell proof and block out any air, moisture, and light. The bags offer an oxygen barrier trapping odors inside the bags while also not letting oxygen inside the bags. This assures no odors leave the bags.

Can Drug Dogs Smell through a Vacuum Sealed Bag?

If your bag is air tight a k9 drug dog should not be able to smell through your vacuum sealed bags. Be sure to wipe down the outside of the bags, if any weed came in contact with it. Leaving weed residue on the outside of the bags leaves a chance for the dogs to sniff them out.

What Bags Do Dispensaries Use?

Dispensaries use mylar bags to package for their cannabis bags. Mylar Bags are perfect for weed because they effectively black oxygen, moisture, and air from reaching the product inside the bag. Mylar Bags are one of the most commonly used dispensary packaging products in the market.

Can you Cure in Mylar Bags?

Curing in a bag is very similar to curing weed in a jar. You would also take the same measures when doing so. Curing weed in mylar bags works almost the exact same as when being cured in a jar. Mylar is great option because the bags are airtight and smell proof, similar to jars.

Does Airtight Mean Smell Proof?

Airtight doesn’t necessarily always mean air tight but most of the time, If a container is airtight, this means it is also smell proof. When products are sealed in an air tight container they are odor less. The best way to ensure your product is sealed airtight is to test it out.

Can Drug Dogs Smell Smell Proof Bags?

Smell proof bags which have an airtight seal cannot be picked by a k9 drug dog. Containers that are air tight are undetectable. Although, if there is any weed residue on the outside of the bag this does compromise your chances of the weed being sniffed out. Be sure to wipe down the outside of the bag.

Are Smell Proof Bags Mylar?

Mylar bags can be smell proof. Some mylar bags are, and some are not. Our mylar bags are not only smell proof, these bags are light, water, and moisture proof. Airtight mylar bags really do the job when it comes to a smell proof weed container. Smell proofing guarantees the product remains fresh and doesn't lose its taste or smell.