Largest Custom Marijuana Packaging Company

When considering custom marijuana packaging, you want a partner you can rely on. Choosing a reputable company that offers quality packaging, can go a long way. In an optimal situation, the company will provide all the features and services your business needs.

Below we will discuss Brandmydispo™ and some of the major benefits we provide to the CBD and cannabis packaging industry.


Our collection of custom cannabis packaging is well known for being one the largest in the industry. You can find some of the newest and most trending cannabis packaging products and the incredibly wide selection we offer will truly amaze you.

What Brandmydispo offers:

  • Quality cannabis packaging. High quality packaging is crucial and should be a top priority when considering the right cannabis packaging company. At Brandmydispo we pride ourselves on marijuana packaging that meets your quality standards. We make sure that every product we make conforms to strict quality and production standards.
  • Cost effective pricing. Branding your own CBD or marijuana packaging shouldn't make a huge dent on your bank account. Choosing low cost packaging means the product inside the packaging can also remain low priced for consumers. Brandmydispo is willing to work with your budget and optimize cost in areas, if possible.
  • A seamless experience. Creating your own packaging shouldn't give you a headache, making your own weed packaging should be an easy and seamless experience. Connect with one of our experienced packaging designers to start creating your own dispensary packaging. 
  • 100% FREE design services. Design services can get costly extremely fast. Especially if you are going for cool custom hand drawn artwork, that you can end up paying anywhere from $250-$700 for. At Brandmydispo™ we offer completely free design service on anything from a hand drawn design to a simple and sleek packaging artwork.
  • Quick printing and delivery. With Brandmydispo, you will also experience some of the fastest printing and delivery times. This can make creating your cannabis packaging a whole lot easier and allowed you to get your marijuana products onto the market faster when trying to launch new products.
  • Great customer service. Our custom service here at Brandmydispo will go above and beyond to meet you needs and satisfaction. Our customers are our top priority. If you are searching for a cannabis packaging design and production company that reaches beyond your expectations as well as plans for the future of your success, we are the choice for you!
  • A wide range of selection. Brandmydispo not only facilitates a wide selection of CBD and cannabis packaging products like jars, tubes, mylar bags, boxes and so much more, but we offer various printing styles and special effect printing styles to go along with your branding. These special effect printing style include holographic film, UV spot printing, metallic foils, matte finish, glitter finish, velvet finish and so much more.
  • Free shipping. Racking up a cart of products doesn't mean racking up a huge shipping bill as well. At Brandmydispo, the shipping is included free when you spend $400 or more. If you do not reach this amount, it is only a flat rate cost of $15. This can mean a whole lot in savings! We do not charge any additional taxes or import tax either.

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