9 Ways to Make Mylar Bag Designs that Stand Out

Making your own branded mylar bags allows you to put any images you like to on your mylar bags. Custom mylar bags are extremely popular and they are also a great tactic for marketing and spreading noise about your brand. 

Adding your logo or custom artwork to your mylar bags is a cost-effective way for packaging retail products, food, and cannabis. An attractive mylar bag design will help you stand out and set you apart from the competition.

mylar bag designs

1. Understand your target audience.

Knowing your target audience is a key to developing and creating a packaging design that differentiates your product and appeal to your customers. For example, you wouldn't put something elegant and sexy on a children's fruit snack packaging. So understanding your target audience is crucial in packaging so you can create your artwork design and logo with them in mind.

2. Use appealing images or artwork.

Take advantage of custom branding and use attractive artwork and designs that are unlike any other. They say "a picture is worth a thousand words" and when you look at the bigger picture, customers will see and come in contact with the packaging first. Having attractive artwork that will draw in attention from consumers is what you want. A paragraph of usually wont draw them in like a fancy eye popping artwork design.

3. Make packaging that is memorable.

With packaging that is memorable, customers tend to remember your packaging when they see your product. This is what you want. It is like when you see a blue can with a blue, red and white circle. You almost instantly know its a Pepsi can maybe before even seeing the logo! 

4. Make a professional mylar bag design.

Labels are easy to copy or create at home. When creating custom printed mylar bags, you can go for a professional design that may include any warning labels, nutrition facts, weight, ingredients, and more printed directly on the bags. It can also be very effective to add a link or QR to your websites and social media pages so customers can engage with your brand even after the purchase.

5. Target emotions.

Having a cool and creative packaging that makes you laugh or smile can go a long way. When branding triggers an emotional connection, a consumer is a lot more likely to buy it. Targeting your customers emotions is a great way to make your brand the choice on the shelf with them even paying a bit extra for the cool custom branding.

6. Use a high quality mylar bag manufacturer.

The packaging you use essentially represents your brand. Choosing a mylar bag company that is well-known for producing thick and durable mylar packaging bags for your brand will go a long way. Don't waste your time waiting 2 weeks for low quality bags that will easily break and fall apart.

7. Choose colors that compliment your brand.

Many studies show that different colors attract people differently. Taking your time to choose the right colors, make or break your packaging. Pick colors that will attract your target audience and will grab the emotions of your clientele. Being different usually pays off, but you don't want to be so different that nobody ends up knowing what you are selling.

8. Consider compostable or biodegradable packaging bags.

Create biodegradable packaging bags that are 100% biodegradable and compostable, if you really want your brand to be recognized. Consumers will not only highly appreciate the recyclable packaging, but they will also remember your brand your business after they've used the product. Adding "100% eco-friendly" can be the reason your product get chosen over other options.

9. Die Cut or Custom Shape Mylar Bags

A popular way to stick out in a group of mylar bags is to design a die cut or custom shaped mylar bag. Die cut mylar bags are printed to the shape and size you desire. When creating a mylar bag in a custom shape, you can really start to get creative and the ideas are almost endless.


mylar bag designs



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