Custom Concentrate Packaging


Dab Containers

When choosing wax or dab concentrate packaging, their are a number of storage options to choose from. Dab containers come in a number of different styles. Dab containers are usually used for storing one to two grams of any type of cannabis wax, extract, oil, or concentrates but sometimes hold even more. These concentrate dab  containers often come in compliance with marijuana packaging laws and regulations using some sort of child resistant protection, that is sure to keep any children out of reach. 

Our premium-made dab containers are an unsurpassed fit for concentrate manufacturers for a number of reasons. These dab containers are small, airtight, moisture proof containers that ensure the products freshness while also keeping out any dust or grime. They are a cost-effective solution to your marijuana concentrate packaging. They are a great fit for storing one to two grams of your favorite cannabis concentrates in a jar that is lightweight, leak proof and discreet for on the go. These dab containers will fit right in your pocket.

Concentrate Containers

Dab containers are any jar or container used for storing your dabs or concentrates. They lock out anything from reaching your cannabis concentrates. They are often offered with child proof lids. These reusable dab jars are made with airtight, leak and moisture proof technology. Our team set out to provide some of the best concentrate containers to the cannabis concentrate industry. We ensure quality with all of our concentrate jar and containers, whether you are using jars, bags, boxes, or envelopes.

5ml Concentrate Jars

These small dab containers are a perfect for up to a gram of concentrate oils. The jars have a 5ml capacity. These tiny jars are small but effective for storing any dabs, concentrates or extracts. These jars include a child resistant twist of lid to keep your marijuana concentrates compliant. The airtight and leak proof technology keeps any of you cannabis concentrates from seeping out the sides of the jar and leaving you with a sticky mess. We also offer concentrate boxes that pair great with these mini dab containers.

7ml Concentrate Jars 

These 7ml concentrate jars are perfect for storing up to a gram or two of your favorite marijuana extracts. The jars have a 7ml capacity and come with a childproof twist off cap. This is the most popular size for cannabis concentrate and dab jars. These 7ml concentrate jars or dab pucks are a favorite for concentrate manufacturers because they are the perfect size. These 7 ml concentrate jars also pair perfectly with our custom printed concentrate jar boxes. 

9ml Concentrate Jars 

These large dab containers are perfecting fro storing 1 to 2 gram of cannabis concentrates. The jars have a 9ml capacity and are but are a but larger than your standard concentrate containers. Our 9ml concentrate jars come with a child resistant lid that keeps your jar airtight and leak proof. We also have a custom printed concentrate box that will go along great with these ones as well.

Glass Concentrate Jar

Our borosilicate glass concentrate containers are a number one pick for dab container packaging. The borosilicate glass is heat resistant and doesn’t container chemicals, mean you can dab directly off the jar, without having to worry about breathing in anything besides the concentrates you are dabbing. This glass is a high-quality and robust so it is resistant to shattering and you losing your delicious dab concentrates.

Qube Concentrate Jars

Our square qube concentrate jars are offered in a clear or black borosilicate glass. The jars hold 9ml of concentrate or dab oils. They are a square shaped glass concentrate containers that is perfect for holding your concentrates. If you are looking to store you cannabis concentrates with style this is a great option to add to your brands concentrate collection.

Flat Dab Containers

Our flat dab containers are large and flat. They are discreet and will fit right in your pocket. Carrying around one or two grams of wax has never been easier. These containers hold 9ml of your dab concentrates and are make of a light-weight borosilicate glass that is thick and doesn’t break easily when dropped. 

Vape Cartridge Blister Packaging

Our vape cartridge blister packaging is one of the most affordable and commonly used ways to package your cannabis vape cartridges. These clamshell blister packs are super to easy-to-use and have a cardboard insert that is fully customized with your company’s brand or logo. The inserts include full color printing and will fit almost any 0.5 gram to 1 gram marijuana, CBD, or Delta 8 vape cartridge.

Concentrate Bags

Our custom printed bags are a highly used and an extremely low-priced alternative for packaging your concentrate oils. Storing your concentrates in an airtight smell proof mylar bag can keep them discreet and it a light-weight to package your dabs or concentrates. Concentrate bags are great for long term storage or transportations. The bags have a resealable zipper that is able to be made child resistant and also is heat sealable. Heat sealing your bags is great for long term and short term storage.

Custom Printed Syringes

Our custom printed syringes are sure to make your brand stick out and put your concentrate packaging on a more luxury level. Our custom printed syringes come in borosilicate glass with a luer lock cap that prevents any on of concentrates from leaving out the tip. The lure lock cap is made reclosable making it super easy to open close your dabs. The borosilicate glass is heat resistant making it super easy to squeeze a bit of dab concentrates straight into your rig. These syringes custom with your brands logo or artwork printed on the glass. Our team offers free logo design services with a mockup of your product included before printing.. 

Child Resistant Containers

When needing to stay compliant with your state or regions cannabis packaging laws and regulations, child resistant containers for your marijuana wax and dab concentrates are almost a must-have. The complaint weed concentrate containers with a push and turn childproof lid will keep any of your dabs or extract fresh while you also stay complaint with your state or region marijuana packaging laws and regulations. Keeping the children out means we can all dab safely.

Concentrate Envelopes

Our shatter or concentrate envelopes are an extremely cost-effective, yet sleek way to store or display 0.5 gram to 1 gram of cannabis concentrates. These envelopes are printed directly for your company’s logo or artwork. These concentrate envelopes come with free design services included by our team of professionals. Choose any artwork or logo style from sleek and simple to cartoon mascot, our team is available to help you along your branding journey. These custom printed concentrate coin envelopes will surely elevate your branding.

Vape Cartridge Boxes

Our vape concentrate boxes are great for dab or distillate oil, as vaping concentrates is significantly well liked in the cannabis industry. Vape cartridges are typically packed in a custom printed box with a brands logo or artwork. Our vape cartridge boxes are a go-to for storing 0.5 to 1 gram marijuana, CBD, & delta 8 vape cartridges. They include full color print along with design services, if needed, by our team of professionals. These custom printed vape cart boxes also come in sustainable biodegradable kraft paper with eco friendly ink.


Our tincture droppers are offered in 15ml, 30ml, and 60ml. The droppers come with your custom label wrapped around your tincture and a custom printed box, printed with your companies artwork or logo. The dropper label artwork and box can design designed by our team of professionals, free of charge. We do not charge for any logo or product design services. These droppers are great for any Hemp or CBD oils and are offer with a child proof cap.

Wax Jar Labels

Often you will see wax jars with labels or stickers. Labeled wax jars are a stylish and elegant add-on to your brands cannabis packaging. Our wax jar labels are included with our wax jars. The concentrate jars comes labeled and ready to use, saving you a ton of time and costs. These labeled wax jars are offer in round or square qube style with your brands logo or artwork attached to the sticker label on the cap. You also have the option to create your own label style for your custom concentrate jars with labels.

Qube Containers

Our qube jars are the square concentrate jars that are offered in black or white borosilicate glass. These containers are a huge trend in the cannabis concentrate market because of the luxury felling they give off. These square qube jars are offered in 9ml and will perfectly store 0.5 to 1 gram of your dab concentrates. The qube jar lid or cap is child proof so you can stay compliant with marijuana laws and regulations while still be able to offer concentrates packaged in top-shelf containers.

Glass Wax Containers

One of the most commonly used containers for wax, is a glass wax container. Glass, or specifically borosilicate glass, is a great not stick surface that is also heat resistant, making it extremely simple to take dab hit directly from you concentrate container using a dab or honey straw. In terms of high quality, we offered some of the best glass wax containers on the market. They are made with a sturdy break resistant borosilicate glass.

Dab Syringes

Glass dab syringes are a popular in the dispensary packaging market for dab concentrates because of their ability to be directly squeeze into a dab rig or blunt. These dab containers make it remarkably easy to dab your concentrate oils. Adding your custom printed logo to your dab syringes is great for marketing as these concentrate syringes are widely loved in the cannabis concentrate industry. Dabs can be packaged in a number of way, but this one can leave everyone wanting to give your cannabis concentrates a try.

Wax Packaging

With their being so many different wax packaging options, it can sometimes be hard to choose which is best for your brand. We offer a wide selection of wax packaging that will take your concentrate packaging to the next level. Branding is essential in todays market, plus its always great to have the consumer walk out with a small foot print of your brand. We make it exceptionally effortless to find concentrate packaging that will be a great fit for your brand. Wax bag, envelopes, and jars are just a few ways you can perfectly store your wax.

Custom Concentrate Jar

Concentrate jars with custom branded labels can make your brand stick out amongst the others on the shelf. Our custom concentrate jars make picking your branded dab jars simple. All our concentrate jars come with a custom labeled lid or cap. Our design team is available to help design your custom label artwork design, free of charge. From simplex to complex designs our team team can assure you satisfaction. If you prefer, you can grab a template and start customizing your own concentrate dab containers now.

Concentrate Jar and Lids

Save time by getting your concentrate containers with lids included. Don’t worry about having to find the right size lid to your concentrate jars, all our our jars include a lid or cap. These lids are child resistant and are offered in black or white. Our wide selection of wax concentrate containers range from sizes 5ml to 9ml. Hold a half a gram, one gram, or even two grams of your concentrate oils in our dab containers with lids.

Concentrate Storage Containers

Storing your concentrates in a container or some sort of packaging is needed to sell or display any marijuana concentrates. Whether you a storing them to sell or storing them for personal use having these mini dab containers are the perfect choice. For concentrate manufacturers having an eye-catching look on the shelf will appeal to a bigger audience and give your brand the professional and official look it needs.

Dab Containers Bulk

Buying dab containers in bulk can also be cost effective and save you a ton of money in the long run. When buying in dab containers bulk, you are able to get a lower cost per unit. We offer great price breaks on bulk dab containers making it easy for you and your business. Wholesale dab containers can be great for any company or business looking for small containers to package their concentrates in.

Unique Dab Containers

Choosing unique dab containers is a great and often used way to make your brand stick out. Packaging is a huge contribution on whether the buyer gives your brand attention. We offer a huge selection of unique dab containers such as syringes, tubes jars, envelopes, and much more that can be sure to elevate your brand. Unique cannabis packaging is something our team takes pride in. Uniquely package your dabs with a number of unique cannabis packaging products.

Vape Cartridge Packaging

When choosing vape cartridge packaging, we also of a number of packaging options that will help your brand take off. Our custom printed boxes, bags, and tubes are offered with full coloring printing for your vape cartridge packaging. Packaging your cannabis vape cartridges with the list of ingredients printed and THC percentage listed on the packaging is a good way for the consumer to ensure the how much THC is in the product along with all the ingredients are safe and ingestible, while also giving it a professional look.

Concentrate Containers with Stickers

All of our concentrate containers come with custom sticker labels. These glass jars are great for showing off your concentrate brand or dispensary. The sticker have the options to be custom design by your or our team, completely free. We do not charge extra to make your company’s brand or logo artwork for your concentrate containers with stickers. These labeled concentrate jars are widely used in the cannabis industry and are a great fit to our custom printed concentrate boxes.

Concentrate Packaging

Packaging your concentrates in a container or jar is almost needed so your dabs aren’t just laying out on the counter, attracting dust and bugs. There are a number of way to package your concentrates from jars to envelopes. We offer the most affordable concentrate packaging fro your brand. As you already know, custom branding your products can get expensive, we take pride in making your cannabis concentrate packaging something you love at a low-priced and cost effective rate without sacrificing the quality of your products.

Syringe Dab Applicator

Packaging your concentrates or dab oils in a glass syringe is a trendy way to appeal to an huge audience of concentrate connoisseurs. This is because the syringes are so widely loved in the cannabis concentrate industry. Our glass syringes are made to perfectly store 0.5 gram to 1 gram of CBD or cannabis concentrate oil. These syringes will be a great addition to any collection of marijuana concentrates. 

Dab Packaging

Whether you are packaging your oils, extract, dabs, hash, resin, sauce, diamonds, or any other types of concentrates, dab packaging is needed to store away your dabs. Our premium dab packaging is offered with custom printing and/or custom printed labels. Our dab packaging products all come with free design services by our team of professionals. Let us help you add your company’s brand or logo to your very own dab packaging tailored to your specific requirements. We offer a number of dab packaging including dab jars, syringes, shatter envelopes, concentrate container boxes, vape cartridge boxes, and concentrate bags.

Child Resistant Concentrate Jar

Child proofing your concentrate jars is easy. Adding a child resistant lid can make your concentrate jars child resistant and compliant. In many states, it is a requirement to have child resistant packaging for your concentrates. Be sure to check with your state or regions marijuana packaging laws and regulations when choosing your cannabis concentrate jars or packaging.

Wax Container Stickers

We also carry wax container stickers, if you already have your wax containers and would still like to get have them custom labeled. We offer custom wax container stickers with free design services included. Our team is happy to help you make stickers of any shape or size to fit on your small wax containers. Our dab containers also come with the wax container stickers included and labeled on the jar. Meaning the jars will be labeled and ready to use as soon as they arrive and you can save time of labeling.

Tincture Bottles

Our tincture bottles are offered with a custom printed label in various sizes. They feature easy dosing for selling any type of distillate. These glass tincture dropper bottles also come with a printed box for your tincture bottle to fit inside. These bottle can then be filled will CBD, marijuana, or hemp oil extract and a wrapped with a beautiful label around them. These tinctures also include a stunning custom printed box to go along with. Save time and labeling cost with our labeled custom set built to help explode your cannabis or CBD brand.

Dab Jars

With dabbing becoming more and more popular using dab jars to package the dabs is as well. Glass dab jars are probably the most common way you see your dab oils packaged. Concentrate dab jars speak for themselves, they are airtight, leak proof and easy to clean. Plus, they maintain freshness. If your dabs aren’t store properly, over a long period of time they can dry up and get hard and crusty. Our small and pocket portable dab jar container packaging is a great option for any cannabis concentrate storage and will keep your dabs safe and protect while also keeping them fresh.

Dab Containers Wholesale

If you are looking for dab containers wholesale, we offer some of the best bulk pricing and price breaks for wholesale dab container packaging for your marijuana concentrates. The more dab containers you buy, the cheaper they get per unit. This is perfect for any concentrate companies, growers, dispensaries, or any retail company looking to store or stock their products in bulk. Buy in wholesale and leave your branding up to us. Finding glass dab container wholesale has never been easier.

Wax Jar

Selecting the right concentrate containers for your brand is an essential component to you concentrate company. Usually, choosing your wax jars is also relatively easy. We offer a great selection of jars for wax or concentrate oil. Our airtight jars are non-stick borosilicate glass. These jars can be heated up and are perfect when using a nector collector. These wax jars can assure your dab concentrates are kept in good condition and remain fresh while also looking stylish.

Wax Containers with Labels

When branding your jars, labels can is add an attract look to your wax containers. Our wax containers with labels are fully customizable. Print anything you would like on your wax containers with labels. Create the wax container labels yourself or let our design team design your wax container with labels for you with no additional charges to your order. Design services can be pricey but our team makes design services for your cannabis brand economical. 

Custom Logo Syringe

Add your custom logo or brand to our glass concentrate syringes. Our custom logo syringes are an ideal choice if you want to upgrade your marijuana concentrate packaging. Custom syringes made it so you can push down and squeeze the concentrate oil out of the tip of the syringe, virtually leaving no sticky mess behind. The luer lock cap is able to twist on and off making you dab concentrates super easy to reseal and store away for another use.

Concentrate Jar Packaging

Concentrate jars are arguably the most commonly used packaging in the industry for concentrate packaging and also the smallest jar packaging. The mini jars are the perfect size to carry around your concentrates in a discreet manner. Keep your concentrates fresh, stored away in your pocket. Keep your cannabis concentrates as fresh as the day you bought them and avoid a very sticky mess with them being inside your resealable container.

Concentrate Jar

These marijuana or CBD oil concentrate jars will keep your dab concentrates away from light, moisture, and air. Storing dabs is easy with an airtight concentrate jar or container. We offer easily some of the best wax containers for your dabs and wax concentrate oils. Store and transport your dabs with no leaky messes. These jars protect your cannabis concentrates. Their compact and smell design makes them very easy to carry around and nice when storing to displaying on the shelf to consumers.

Dab Container with Labels

Without labels or custom packaging it is hard to tell the strain, THC percentage, and how much is inside of the dab container. Dab containers with labels can show off the THC percentage, weight of the product, and the strain name. Adding this information can assure the customer that they are getting a lab texted medical grade marijuana concentrates. Choose label will full color printing and a matte or gloss finish. Special effects also available including gold metallic foil, UV spot printing, glitter, holographic, embossing, and more. 

Wax Containers

Dab containers also often called “dab pucks” or “dab slicks.” They make it seamless for you to have the ability to display your crumble, resin, shatter, oil, dab sauce in a convenient wax container. Our wax containers are guaranteed to expand the shelf life of your product. From jars to bags, we can provide the most premium packaging for your wax concentrates. Our clear glass wax containers are one of the most popular to store 1 gram of cannabis wax concentrate and keep your dabs fresh for weeks.  

Custom Dab Containers

Our custom branded dab containers can be designed by your or you can let our team of designers help your create your custom dab container. Our designers can design your custom dab containers within 24-48 hours. The dab container labels are printed with full color and have many different styles and colors to choose from. Customizing your dab containers will set you aside from the rest. Custom marijuana packaging available in a few clicks with instant pricing. We also offer a ton of other extremely low minimums on custom printed dispensary cannabis packaging and supplies for small businesses. 

Dab Containers For Sale

We sell top quality dab containers that will effectively help you and your brand store or display your cannabis concentrate oils. You can check out our wide selection of dab containers for sale above. All of our jars are paired with an airtight cap. We can ship worldwide. Shipping is a flat rate $15 or free when you spend $400 or more. Buy more and save more.

Dab Containers

In conclusion, dab containers are a great way to store you cannabis concentrates and extracts. No matter if you are a small or large cannabis business or dispensary, our team can help you find the dab containers that are the perfect fit for you and your business. By encasing, your dab concentrates in a premium glass container with your company’s brand or logo, your brand will get more looks on the shelf and your cannabis concentrate will stay as fresh as the day you packaged them.